Dental Tourism

Nowadays, American and Canadian patients travel to Mexico every year to have their dental work done because of our affordable prices and high quality dental care, and Mazatlan is a city rich with culture and plenty of things to do, or if you are just interested in relaxing and having a good time, our city can accommodate you as well. Mazatlan´s Cultural festivals is held during November through December, with concerts, theater shows and concerts that enrich life in our city.

Dental Tourism is a popular topic nowadays, meaning that you can book a full vacation and relax in our city while getting your teeth fixed in the time you stay in our city. Our clinic is more than capable to cater to your dental needs, commiting ourselves to provide the best dental care available, while meeting your departure deadline.

In Dr. Gavito and Dr. Jaime´s dental care center we are happy to announce a great agreement reached with one of Mazatlan´s best Hotel: Hotel Playa Mazatlan, increasing your savings when coming to Mazatlan with preferred rates to patients who book their hotel stay through us, as well as saving money on transportations fees from your hotel to our office, since Hotel Playa Mazatlan is merely a half a block away which is a walking distance from our office.

Should you be interested in taking advantage of this great opportunity, feel free to contact us and let us know on which date you´d like to visit us; we´ll send you an estimate for your hotel Booking and we´ll take it from there.