And now…a poem

A parting gift to all our visitors this 2022-2033 Season 🙂


Oh, dear visitors, hear our plea,

As you explored our city with wanderlust and glee,

Before you journey back to your homely domain,

Pause for a moment, your dental health sustain.

In the midst of your vacation, don’t neglect,

The care your teeth deserve, don’t forget,

A dental cleaning, a simple yet crucial task,

To keep your smiles shining, a lasting ask.

Our skilled team is ready to provide,

A dental experience that will make you stride,

With confidence and pride in your oral care,

A gleaming smile, beyond compare.

With gentle hands and state-of-the-art gear,

We’ll banish plaque and stains, never fear,

Leaving your teeth fresh, polished, and bright,

A souvenir of your trip, a dental delight.

So, before you bid our city adieu,

Remember, a dental cleaning is overdue,

Don’t let time slip by in a hurry,

Prioritize your oral health, without worry.

Come visit us, your smiles await,

A dental cleaning, a chance to create,

A healthy, beaming, unforgettable grin,

A parting gift as you journey back in.

Make a dental cleaning part of your affair,

Come to Gavito Jaime Dental Care

Let your smiles dazzle and never fade,

Until your next adventure, a memory made.



See you next season, dear Friends.

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