Welcome to Mazatlan!

Hello, and welcome to out first blog!

First things first, My name is Dr. Francisco Gavito, D.D.S. and I will be your host as you visit our posts and our periodical blogs in our page, I am currently 48 years old, and alongside my lovely wife, Dr. Beatriz Jaime, D.D.S. we have been working in this beautiful field of dentistry for over 20 years in lovely Mazatlan, México.

If this is your first visit to our page, perhaps you are considering visiting Mazatlan for dental purposes and we thank you for visiting our page, but Mazatlan is not just for getting your teeth fixed, Mazatlan has so much more things to offer, I can assure you, you will be having a great time in our fair city, and for my first blog,  let me give you a quick rundown of this place.

Mazatlan is a port city on the Northwestern part of Mexico, where lovely beaches line the western part of our city, and great weather awaits you.  Usually Mazatlan is the second home for many “winterbirds” that visit us from October, until late May, fleeing from cold and harsh weathers from up north, and in that Aspect, Mazatlan certainly doesn´t dissapoint, our temperature is usually 86  degrees (farenheit) in those months, and our skies are quite sunny, even on Winter Holidays!, so when coming to Mazatlan, don´t forget your sunblock, sandals and a pair of shades 🙂 while you take a ride down our malecon (one of the longest in Mexico) on one of our traditional open taxis or “pulmonias”, which are eager on welcoming all tourists, and in many ocassions you can get around town, even if you don´t speak any spanish, our taxi drivers are always eager to help.                                                                     

Mazatlan also has a rich culture, our beautiful downtown is astonishing at night, and around the months priorly mentioned, several festivals can be seen or heard in our beautiful scenic downtown, where theater plays, classical music concerts or live bands make sure to keep you busy in these fresh Mazatlan nights, either chilling with classical music or dancing the night away!

Oh and let´s not forget, our delicious food, Mazatlan is also famous for our great cuisine, that caters to even the most strict palates, you can enjoy fresh seafood, great meat cuts, and vegetarian options are also available, so make sure to try our local cuisine while visiting us, where an “aguachile” shrimp is spicy, but is a must!

So, once again, welcome to Mazatlan, and to our page as well, make sure you check in every once in a while, where I will be writing not only about dental and oral health in Mazatlan, but also tidbits of curious information from our town 🙂

Catch you on the sunny side!


Dr. Francisco Gavito, D.D.S.

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