So….I need dental Implants, where should I start?

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Sometimes, life can play tricks on us and decide that some (or all) of our teeth should not be in our mouths anymore (decay, gum disease or dental trauma, to name a few), and when that happens, we might think about having our teeth replaced with dental implants…but… What are they anyway?


Dental implants consist of medical grade screws made mainly of titanium that are inserted into your jaw or maxilla bones, simulating a tooth´s root, and that on top of which, a crown or plate can be supported depending on your needs.The procedure chan be quite simple to be honest, and in most simple cases, the implant can be installed in your mouth in just one appointment.

However, before you think about getting implants, be aware thatimplant placing should not be taken lightly as not all patients are candidates for implant placement, like any proper dental procedures a due protocol for implant placement is required.
First we need to be sure that your overall health is in good condition, lab tests are required to check your coagulation times among other features, a good medical history with quiz before starting is necessary as well, as patients with chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, diabetes, and other circumstances should be taken in account before deciding to place implants.


Also X-rays and models are required, and in some cases even CAT scans are great Diagnostic tools that help us build a custom case for every patient.


Think of it as building a house; we need as much info as possible to make certain the foundations for the implant is in great shape so we can predict a proper procedure and posterior rehabilitation.

So, that gives you an idea on where to touch base before starting any implants in your mouth, be certain to ask your Dr. any questions before you embark on this journey, and if you wish to contact me, feel free to do so. I´m here to help

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