Bringing your smile to a whole new level.

Hello again, your Dentist in Mazatlan is back again.

I hope your day is going great, right now it´s a sunny Morning here in Mazatlan, our temperature is quite fresh and not too warm, in a comfortable 25 degrees celcius, so if you are planning on taking a nice trip and a good getaway from the Cold Weather, this is a good season to do so.

Now, let´s talk a little bit about enhancing your smile.

As you may already know, one of the first things people notice when they first meet you, is the way you smile, and having your teeth in good shape not only enhances your overall appearance, but it also causes a great first impression, and also makes you more confident about the way you carry yourself, and why not say it, makes you more outgoing and extrovert.

As times goes by, teeth tend to get stained, or brittle, or decayed, and let´s face it, even though you managed to keep your teeth in your mouth, your smile is not as beautiful as it used to be and a dental whitening, cleaning and composite fillings are just not enough to get your teeth in a top notch state, that´s when dental crowns or veneers come into play.

New advances in dental sciences have made important breakthroughs concerning smile enhancements, like the usage of a dental scanner that can help us build a digital smile for you and even give you a glimpse of a permanent restoration without even touching your teeth and with the arrival of Zirconia, lithium disilicate, reaching new heights in dental aesthetics without needing to grind down too much tooth structure in order to achieve a beautiful restoration without sacrificing too much tooth to do so.

Also with the help of new dental cements, we can also be certain, that these new restorations may stay in your mouths for many, many years.

Here in our office, we are proud to count with these new technologies that can help us build a brand new smile for you, feel free to ask us anything you´d like; or even more, visit us and we´ll be glad to help.

Stay safe, and make sure to keep in touch!

Your Dentist in Mazatlan

Dr. G.




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